Online Video Platform

Are you ready to experience a unique Online Video Platform Solution experience?

Online Video Platform with html5 video player statistics, earnings management, video hosting service will meet your needs.

Video Reports

Identify your audience with detailed video analysis.

Video Ads Reports

You can optimize your advertising earnings with detailed video analysis.

Device Performance Reporting

You can report the average time and plays of your videos in detail according to device technologies every day.

Simple and clear analysis boxes

Storage, Streaming, Plays and Ad Impressions statistics.

Real-time daily report generation feature

Site-based package usage can be downloaded daily.

Auto-renewed monthly and annual package options

Platform notice you of your streaming and prevents you from experiencing an interruption by renewing your package.

Advanced Advertising Management

Google supports ad technologies such as IMA, Vast, Vpaid, Engageya. Manage your pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll ads as you wish.

Video adding options

You can use the platform by uploading mp4 files or using your own video sources.

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