How to apply AdSense for Video?

If you own Google Adsense, the steps required to activate your video product are as follows.

You need to be a Google Adsense account holder to apply for a Adsense for Video product. You can not apply for Video product without Google Adsense.

1 – When you log in to your Google Adsense account, click on the ‘Other Products’ heading under My ads from the left menu.

2 – Click on the ‘Apply for Adsense for Video’ button after carefully reading the required information under the Video heading on the page that opens.

3 – Please read carefully the information provided on the opening page. You will be given the video ad vast code that is added below on the page that opens. If you can not reach this code, please continue with our next steps for further processing. This vast code is standard and does not change during the control phase. The Google team will check the traffic coming from your site through this code and complete the verification phase.

Copy the code and save it. You will need this code in the Vidyome site registration phase.

4. If you are not a member of the Vidyome Online Video Platform, first create a membership and verify your account via the verification from your email address. 2.000.000 impressions (Business) will be enough to activate your Google Adsense Video product. You can purchase packages through the platform according to your needs at a later stage.

5. Click on the PAID selection and enter the vast code given to you. If you only use the Video preroll option, save your site by marking Ad Status and Ad Type as active.

6. Upload the video you want to use on your site so that your pre-video ads can be entered at the approval stage. Disable the auto start option of the video you added during the control phase and click the save button. Place the embed code generated by the platform in the content of your news story.

* The video embed code should not be a demo or test page. The contents of this page must match the general structure of the site you are applying for. For example, if you own a news site, you need to add a video of that story. You also need to generate 2.000,000 uniq visitors on this page. These details are important for ensuring that your published ads are controlled by Google Team. Otherwise the application will not be evaluated.

7. You have to fill in the form below by copying the link of the page you have added video content to be examined after completing all the steps. If you have an individual account, it will suffice to rewrite your name and surname in the Company field.
Example URL * will paste the page content link to the option. Once you have filled in all the boxes, complete the application process by submitting the form.

AdSense for video: Publisher Approval Form Link

Once you fill out the form, do not forget to drive traffic to the video content. Otherwise your application will not be evaluated.

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