HTML5 Video Player Features

Increase View Rates and Earnings

User-friendly interface and usage options will increase your video viewing rates with HTML5 Video Player. The interest and interaction of your visitor traffic with your video ads is directly affected.

  • Autoplay

    Automatic or user interaction.

  • Volume Adjustment

    Start your videos with the volume settings you’ve specified.

  • HTML5 Player Sizing

    Flexible or scalable player use.

  • Share

    Twitter, Facebook and Embed share options.

In-stream Ad Support

Video in-stream support for preroll, midroll and posroll models. It supports Vast, Vpaid, Engageya advertising technologies. Option to add passback code for blank ads.

High Earning HTML5 Player

Html5 video player with the appropriate technology for all devices will increase your advertising viewability CPM / RPM rates to the highest levels. This will give you more ad clicks.

Sticky HTML5 Player

Video playback technology that works with 100 percent visibility compatible with all browser versions. With this technology, you’ll have more viewing time on Desktop, Web Mobile, Apple, Android or other browsers. The average video viewing time of your site will increase.

API Support

The rest-api support for video player script and online video platform. An html5 video player technology that can be used with an external video server or CDN.

Compatible with All Devices

HLS and MPEG-DASH run smoothly on all different browsers, operating systems and devices. Desktop, Mobile Web, In App (iOS, Android), AMP, Facebook Articles and more.

Full Ad Technology Support

HTML5 Player technology, your clickthrough rate (CTR) above 10 percent and increases your earnings. All video advertising supports product technology in video and live feed content. (VAST, VPAID, Google IMA, VMAP and others)

Customizable Player

Autoplay in desktop and mobile, volume adjustment, resizing player size and customizable interface for all platforms with a lot of features such as.

Live Streaming

It provides seamless live broadcast support on all devices with RTMP and M3U8 source provider links. Video ad support is available for those who want to earn from Live Broadcast content.

Vidyome vs Others

  • Video Portal Setup
  • Monthly Video Views
  • Streaming
  • Hosting
  • Video Analytics
  • Ad Analytics
  • Monetizing Videos
  • Earning Reporting
  • Ad Support
  • Passback Ad Support
  • Generic Video Content Create
  • Vidyome
  • VideoJS
  • Hola Spark FREE
  • 50K
  • Jw Player (1-month Trial)
  • Unknown
  • 75GB
  • 25GB
  • Flow Player (free for 14 days)
  • Unknown
  • 600 GB
  • 150 GB

The information is taken from the brands internet websites. For unknown data, please visit their website.

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