Online Video Platform: Best HTML5 Player and Video Hosting Service

Online Video Platform: Best HTML5 Player and Video Hosting Service

Online Video Platform: Best HTML5 Player and Video Hosting Service

Vidyome offers video content producers the best technology at prices with its powerful cloud system.

What is Vidyome do?

You can benefit from the platform by using html5 video player technology and video hosting options separately or together.


A publisher who hosts their videos on their servers can only use html5 video player technology. Analyze ad management and video-specific tracking / ad statistics on a content specific.

HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player technology supports over 15.000 desktop and mobile web browser. With the video player you can analyze your viewing dimensions such as Google Analytics, comScore and Gemius.

Online Video Platform

You can upload your videos to the platform and start publishing to your site. Uploaded videos can be embed to your site with iframe or script codes.

Public Video Pool

You can use the videos uploaded by content producers working integrated to the platform free of charge.

Detailed Video Analysis

Analyze the tracking and ad management statistics of the videos you use. You can direct the content you produce with video performance.

Advanced Ad Management

You can optimize your earnings as you wish with Preroll, midroll and postroll ad models. Supported formats: Ad networks such as Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, vast, vpaid, engageya is supported.

Native Video Generate Feature

An automatic video summary can be created from content with the information to be received from an integrated rss or third party service. Videos can be created and edited with any number of content.

Purchase / Upgrade Package

Once you have determined the number of video views to suit your needs, you can purchase packages monthly or yearly and start using them immediately.

Why should I choose Vidyome Platform?

Nowadays, we follow the process of change of technology manufacturers and advertising networks in the fastest way. With our investment in technology, we gathered all the needs of the video content producer on a single platform.

The Publishers can manage all your needs using Vidyome.

We offer the best Video Solution options to your budget.